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   Susy Iglicki    Visual artist


… The destiny of these figurative paintings seem to accumulate strength to be expressed as an indispensable being… It develops a midpoint which is extremely complicated to attain; a figuration lacking the support of the real image, but without the pure sightedness which is always gratifying. It appeals to the touch more than the eyesight, and to sensuality more than complacency…

Marta Traba: Published in Exhibit Catalog: “Susy Iglicki – Oil Paintings and Serigraphs” --- Galería San Diego, Bogotá, Colombia. 1980

…The exposed plastic experience is reinforced with visual effects derived from textures valorized in function of reliefs coexisting with areas attenuated in their chromatic saturation. Often the materiality of certain fields is sheltered by floral motives which, instead of assisting some banal referent, appear as impacts simulating a strong symbolic charge and a seasoned sensitive outcome. Here the symbolic is inscribed in the action of covering for something deeper than it appears… It seems like the artist wished to inhabit the spaces she paints…

Victor Guedez: Published in Exhibit Catalog: “ Interrupted Landscapes” (Paisajes Interrumpidos). Galeria La Cuadra, Caracas. October-November 2009

…On a first approach, the landscape is not present, since it is an abstract painting confined to a vocabulary of minimalistic spirit, or at any rate deliberately limited and rigorous… Through a regard that transits across nature, art and the nature of art, Susy Iglicki, from a highly personal, even intimate language, connects herself with a meaningful current in Venezuelan art that vindicates while also questions our geometric tradition, the seal of a modernity that survives while being transformed.

Federica Palomero: Published in Exhibit Catalog: “Interrupted Landscapes” (Paisajes Interrumpidos). Galeria La Cuadra, Caracas. October-November 2009

SUSY IGLICKI, Visual artist
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