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   Susy Iglicki    Visual artist

Graphic Works

…Susy Iglicki’s show at the Museo de Bellas Artes confirms this tendency, exemplified in a medium particularly demanding for audacity and perseverance: engraving…Far from losing strength, the basic proposal is enriched as the artist researches her possibilities as a whole, delving into the consequences entailed by the incorporation of each alternative within the general quest, clearing the less essential elements, to make way in the end for what we may call the decantation of a language.

Roberto Guevara: Susy Iglicki: Etchings and Consequences. El Nacional Daily Journal. June 1976

…In the realm of a work that manifests itself as active and ambicious, Susy Iglicki’s talent has achieved an interesting, solid, study of forms that grow, expand, break…It is the measure of a need to be and of a need to create that combine in her work an open dialectical exchange, capable of reaching beyond the frames that fence her engravings…

Roberto Guevara: Text for the exhibit. Museo Municipal de Artes Graficas, Maracaibo, Venezuela. 1978

…An atypical and solitary work in Venezuelan art, which is not to be lightly examined: that would be ignoring a painstaking and almost obsessive meditation on forms with the imprint of a melancholy, a decision, a courage to explain a visual universe that must have some sense…

Marta Traba: Published in Catalog Susy Iglicki – Museo de Arte Moderno, Bogotá, Colombia, April 1977

...The spaces became more complex, relationships more difficult, volume and plane were at risk together, in an attempt to pierce the surface and locate an imaginary though never abstract space where forms could live in fullness. The alliance of color and volume also conveys a clear sensuality, restrained however by the effort to rationalize spaces and interactions” …

Marta Traba: Published in exhibition catalogs: Museo Municipal de Artes Gráficas, Maracaibo, Venezuela, 1978 and Museo de Arte Moderno, Bogotá, Colombia, April 1978

SUSY IGLICKI, Visual artist
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