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   Susy Iglicki    Visual artist

...Susy Iglicki takes elements from the media, from every-day life, and keeps them inside a narrative dimension that shifts from memory to reality. She iconographically simplifies and syntactically decants to conceive a particular form-sign, a sort of basal unity renewable to the infinite. When she uses words or letters, she endeavors to organize analogies and relationships: words are separated from content and adapted to the structure of an experience, and then the texts attain their sense...

Graziana La Roca, 2002

Mind and spirit have a time and a place of their own, as do dreams. When they meet reality, however, images are rendered – some are evocative while others, on the contrary, are terrible or devastating. Here time and places come together to manifest and denounce the ordeals that humans endure as we face violence, injustice, tyranny and their consequence: The deterioration of beloved places and the uprooting of our lives and souls.

Susy Iglicki, 2011

SUSY IGLICKI, Visual artist
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