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   Susy Iglicki    Visual artist

Works on paper

…These elements, which can be summed up as a dichotomy (and eventual alliance and reconciliation) between reason and intuition, rule and sensibility, pattern and rupture, suffice to inscribe the artist within a Venezuelan and Latin American current christened by Brazilian critic Roberto Pontual as “sensible geometry”, a term that felicitously comprises those two tendencies, incompatible in other latitudes but nonetheless so much of our own, of this continent…

Federica Palomero, Published in exhibition catalog: “Tiempos” (Times) Museo Kern, Caracas, June 2009

…These impacts in her paintings are transferred, with an even more intimate charge, to her works on paper. In these cases, the corporeal and the ethereal are conjugated in an indivisible compendium for they share the same plastic space and symbolic time… …Sometimes images and calligraphies expand beyond the borders to reaffirm the notion of compressed times within overriding spaces…

Víctor Guédez - Spaces of Oblivion and Times of Memory” (Espacios de Olvido y Tiempos de Memoria). Caracas, 2009

SUSY IGLICKI, Visual artist
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